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EXT30/32 Extrusion Testing Machine
EXT30/32 Extrusion Testing Machine

1. Instruction

Our companys lab twin-screw extruder is researched and developed for universities and colleges, scientific research institution and large and medium food enterprise. It is a multifunction extruder to perform experiments of extrusion, ripen and degeneration. In working process, the temperature, pressure and rotating speed can be displayed on the screen. By adopting different screws combination and length-diameter ratio, our lab twin-screw extruder is fitting for different experiments with different raw materials, such as cereal, potato, starch and chemical materials. It is a good experimental platform for teaching and research.

2. Main feature

2.1 High strength building block structure screws

2.2 Compositional barrel

2.3 Temperature subsection and bilateral control

2.4 Multipoint pressure assay

2.5 Wide rotating speed adjustment range

2.6 Centralized control

2.7 High imitativeness

2.8 Easy operation

2.9 Easy maintainance and low cost

3. Parameters

3.1 Main motor power: 5.5kw

3.2 Main motor rotating speed: frequency control

3.3 Screws diameter: 32mm

3.4 Screws center distance: 26mm

3.5 Screws material: 38CrMoAl

3.6 Screws structure: building block structure

3.7 Rotating speed range: 0-550rpm

3.8 Screws length-diameter ratio: 11.6 / 12.7 / 23

3.9 Barrel temperature control: electrical heating and water-cooling

3.10 Points quantity for measuring temperature: 4

3.11 Temperature range: 20-300 centigrade

3.12 Temperature precision: plus-minus 1 centigrade

3.13 Control mode: centralized control

3.14 Pressure range: 0-30MPa

3.15 Pressure precision: plus-minus 1 MPa

3.16 Points quantity for measuring pressure: 3

3.17 Lubrication mode: internal recycle

3.18 Feed material power: 0.18kw

3.19 Feed material control: frequency control

3.20 Rotary-cut power: 0.25kw

3.21 Size: 1800*1000*1400 mm

3.22 Output: 8-12 kg/h

3.23 Power: 380V/3 phase

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