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DLG60/80 Fish Feed Extruder
DLG60/80 Fish Feed Extruder

1. These years, aquaculture industry develops to scale, intensification and specialization. The requirement for aquaculture feed is higher and higher. The traditional aquaculture feed has the defect of bad stability, fast sinking speed, which wastes the feed and pollutes the water quality. It is not fitting for the development requirement of modern aquaculture industry. The floating aquaculture feed fills the gap of traditional aquaculture feed. It is the perfect feed kind for modern aquaculture industry, and it has a good market prospect. According to this market requirement, our company researches and develops some models floating fish feed processing lines, which are fitting for different output and fish breeds. By adjusting the raw materials, temperature and pressure etc. productive technology, our products can produce the floating fish feed with the advantages of novel shapes, abundant nutrition, exquisite texture and slow sinking speed. Our floating fish feed machineries are the ideal choice for all kinds of fishes.

2. The model is DLG60-P. Its output is 60-80kg/hr.
3. This extruder adopts only one screw. Its material is 38CrMoAl, which is hard-wearing nitriding alloy steel.
4. Parameters
4.1 Feeder
Usage: used for feeding mixed raw materials.
Feeding screw quantity: 1
Main body material: stainless steel
Feeding screw material: nylon (low noise)
Power: 0.75kw
Mixing mode: vertical
Volume: 25L
Porthole quantity: 1
Feeding speed adjusting mode: manual
Size: 1040×480×600mm
4.2 Extruder Main Machine
Usage: used for making floating/sinking fish feed.
Output: 60-80kg/hr
Main body material: stainless steel
Barrel material: 45# steel (GB/T699-1999)
Extruding screw quantity:1
Die mold material: 45# steel (GB/T699-1999)
Screw material: 38CrMoAl
Main engine power: 15kw
Screw diameter: 60mm
Size: 1900×860×1270mm
Screw length:545mm
Inverter quantity: 1 (for cutter)

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