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TSE65 Twins screw extruder
TSE65 Twins screw extruder

This twin screw food extruder can produce various fallow foods, core-filled foods, grain gruel, nutrient powder
(such as breakfast foods, nutrient foods, baby's foods, health foods). Furthermore,
this equipment is widely utilized in the fields of fodder making, chemical
industry, wine making, and pharmacy.

Model parameter: TSE65-III
Production capacity: 100-150kg/h
Feeding power: 0.75kW
Driving power: 22kW
Rotary-cutting power: 0.75kW
Heating power: 15kW
Dimension: 2600 x 900 x 1900mm

Main features:
Rich raw materials: such as rice, corn, millet, wheat, oats, buckwheat, bean, and
Diverse products: such as various fallow foods, core-filled foods, grain gruel, nutrient powder, and bread crumbs Stable performance: adopting imported frequency or electromagnetic controlling system, high automation and smooth operation Permanent working life: with special material and technology, the screw and nut involved can work continuously for one year under conditions of high wear and pressure

Feeding system:
Spiral feeding, forced conveying, full mixing, unnecessary for moisture adjustment
to ingredients, and adjustable speed of conveying

Extruding system:
The working principle is forcing the ingredients forward to be conveyed and extruded
in the sealed charging barrel by making use of the engaged twin screws, at the
same time, heating the ingredients through heating-cycles, the ingredients are
mixed, melt and sheared step by step under the conditions of high temperature
and pressure. At last the ingredients are inflated at the point of being extruded
out. This system possesses self-cleaning function.

Rotary-cutting system:
The ingredients are cut by high-speed rotary cutting-off knife when they are extruded
and inflated. The length of cut-off is adjustable through step-less speed regulating
electrical machine.

Heating system:
The heating system is divided into several heating areas by means of far-infrared
heating-cycles. The temperature of each area is automatically adjusted through
separate temperature controller.

Driving system:
This system is composed of primary electric motor, reductor, distribution box, and
lubrication system. Adopting imported frequency controller, it assures large regulating
range, efficient power distribution, accurate adjustment, steady working
as well as prolonging the working life of the components.

Controlling system:
Adopting centralized controlling, the whole process, from starting, rotary cutting,
lubricating, switching off to output adjustment can be automatically operated.
Automatic defender and status display device are also allocated in this system
Digital display for pressure control in extruding system and temperature in heating
Digital display for frequency control and speed of screw in driving system

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