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single screw fried Food extruder
single screw fried Food extruder

This single screw Food extruder is made up of feeding system,extruding extruding system,cutting system,heating system,driving system,cooling system,usually fit for frying food.

Feeding system,drive system and cutting system adopts inverter speed controlling,strong motivity,steady running.

Screw,barrel,moulds adopt circulating cooling system to make sure that when the raw material through extruding,the temperature is steadier.

According to different material,to choose the relative single or double screw feeding system,the material should be uniformity and stable.

The extruder-screw processed by special ethnics,wearable,resisting of tire and microbial.

According to different material and product character,use many screws machine barrels of different length combination and finish manifold extruder experiments.


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