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Fish feed machinery
Fish feed machinery Dog/Cat food Machinery Pet chews food machinery
TSE65-P Fish feed processing line   Fish feed machine Capacity:100-150kg/h
TSE70-P Fish feed processing line Fish feed machine Capacity:200-300kg/h
TSE85-P Fish feed processing line Fish feed machine Capacity:300-500kg/h
TSE95/120/135 Fish feed processing line Fish feed machine Capacity:0.8-1.2T/h,1.5-2.5T/h,2-3T/h
Bait production equipment Bait production equipment
floating fish feed machine equipment 1.capacity 600-800kg/h. 2.floating fish food processing line 3.High quality,easy operate. assurance. 5.flow chart:mixer-conveyor-extruder-conveyor-oven-oil sprayer-roller
Small fish feed extruder machines equipment Small fish food machine Install power about 15kw Capacity:60-100kg/h Low electricity power consumption Operate easily New design extruder
1ton fish food machines/processing line Big Capacity fish food machine fish food machine can produce different size floating and sinking fish food capacity:800--1100kg/h
Fish food processing machines fish food pellet machine/TSE85 fish food machine 1.high quality 2.stable performance 3.rational design 4.reasonable price... 5.floating types fish food pellet
Fish food machine All machine of fish food Processing line as fllows: Mixer→Screw conveyer→Conditioner→TSE screw-extruder→Air conveyor→dryer→Air conveyer→oil sprayer→Roller→Sifter→cooling machine→ (Packing machine)
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