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Feed machinery
Fish feed machinery Dog/Cat food Machinery Pet chews food machinery
TSE65-P Fish feed processing line   Fish feed machine Capacity:100-150kg/h
TSE70-P Fish feed processing line Fish feed machine Capacity:200-300kg/h
TSE85-P Fish feed processing line Fish feed machine Capacity:300-500kg/h
TSE95/120/135 Fish feed processing line Fish feed machine Capacity:0.8-1.2T/h,1.5-2.5T/h,2-3T/h
TSE65-P Dog food processing line Dog food machine Capacity:100-150kg/h
TSE70 Dog food processing line Dog food machine Capacity:200-300kg/h
TSE85-P Dog food processing line Dog food machine Capacity:300-500kg/h
TSE95/120/135 Dog food processing line Dog food machine Capacity:0.8-1.2T/h,1.5-2.5T/h,2-3T/h
Pet Chews production line Pet Chews production line
Bait production equipment Bait production equipment
Double color Pet Chews production line Double color Pet Chews production line
Fish food processing machines fish food pellet machine/TSE85 fish food machine 1.high quality 2.stable performance 3.rational design 4.reasonable price... 5.floating types fish food pellet
pet food machine food machine of Italian technology, 2.automatic operation, 3.repairs can be garanteed, 4.manufacturer from 1988... Processing Types: pet food
Animal dog feed machine processing line Animal food processing line pet food dog food fish food catfish food
floating fish feed machine equipment 1.capacity 600-800kg/h. 2.floating fish food processing line 3.High quality,easy operate. assurance. 5.flow chart:mixer-conveyor-extruder-conveyor-oven-oil sprayer-roller
1ton fish food machines/processing line Big Capacity fish food machine fish food machine can produce different size floating and sinking fish food capacity:800--1100kg/h
Small fish feed extruder machines equipment Small fish food machine Install power about 15kw Capacity:60-100kg/h Low electricity power consumption Operate easily New design extruder
Cat food making machines/processing line Cat food making machine Cat food processing line cat food extruder machine Capacity: 100-150kg/h Chinese Manufacture
pet feed production line 1.reasonable design.200-260kg/h 2.special materials. 3.stability. 4.repairs can be garanteed and ensured. pet food machine... finished products: dog food,cat food,fish feed,shrimp food
Fish food machine All machine of fish food Processing line as fllows: Mixer→Screw conveyer→Conditioner→TSE screw-extruder→Air conveyor→dryer→Air conveyer→oil sprayer→Roller→Sifter→cooling machine→ (Packing machine)
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