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Breakfast cereal food machines
Breakfast cereal food machines

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Corn flakes processing line is one kind of crispy foods, adopting grist as basic materials. It is fast and nourishing food with given structure, such as granule shape, flake shape and animal shape. Its outstanding characteristic is containing abundant compound carbohydrate and meal fiber. It can be added with cocoa and sugar, such as honey and maltose. You can enjoy it directly by mixing with coffee, milk, ragout or functional drink. Children can have breakfast of sweet crispy snack. Corn Flakes Processing Line is a continuous and economical process with an easily controlled production cycle. The use of a five-layer roaster in cereal flakes production allows to change cooking conditions in function of different raw materials, in order to make the line quite versatile and capable to give final products the best blister effect.
Production process:
Raw material treatment→Mixing system→Extrusion system→Pelleting system→Drying system→Fabric system→Expansion system→Seasoning system→Drying system→Cooling system→Packing system

Equipment configuration:
1)  Mixer                           2)  Screw Conveyor        3)  Extruder
4)  Vibrating feeder           5) Drum-type dryer        6) Air Conveyor
7) Flaking machine             8)Air Conveyor              9)Dryer
10)Hoister                        11) Vibrating feeder
12)High-temperature inflated oven                        13) Seasoning system
14)  Multilayer Oven          15)   Coolingmachine    16)  Packing Machine

Technical parameter:

Installed Power
Power Consumption
130 kw
90 kw
100-160 kg/hr
160 kw
120 kw
200-260 kg/hr
205 kw
160 kw
300-500 kg/hr
50x1.5x2.6 (m)


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