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Cereal corn flakes machines
Cereal corn flakes machines

A popular breakfast food item, breakfast cereals are commonly known as Cornflakes. They are made from corn, rice or wheat flour. The flour for Breakfast cereals is moistened with water and extruded. It is then made to pass through the planishing machine (Flaking Machine) to convert into flakes. The flakes are dried in the oven and later on flavored in the flavoring machine.

Machines involved for making Flavoured Milk are.
  • Flour Mixer
    To mix the flour with water to prepare the meal for Breakfast Cereals

  • Double Screw Extruder
    To extrude the meal into small pellets for cereals

  • Planishing Machine
    To hammer and convert the extruded pellets of cereals into flakes

  • Air conveyor
    To transfer flakes to drying machine from planishing machine

  • Drying Machine
    To dry and reduce the moisture content from the cereals/flakes

  • Inflating Oven
    To inflate snacks to give it texture on the surface

  • Sugar Coating Machine
    To coat sugar on breakfast cereals to add flavor

  • Drying Machine
    To dry sugar coating from the surface of flakes


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