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TSE95/120/135 Dog food processing line
TSE95/120/135 Dog food processing line

Pet foods are the food items for pet animals like Dog, Cat, Birds etc. A variety of flour can be used for making Pet food. The moistened flour is fed to the extruder and the extruded meal coming out of the extruder get cut and shaped as per the final shape of the food. The extruded product go to the dryer to get the moisture content reduced to the desired. Flavor and seasoning is sprayed on the food by the flavoring system. The flour used to make pet food is always made more nutritious by adding additives to it. The ready snacks are then packed with suitable packing machine.

Machines involved for making Pet food Plant are:
  • Flour Mixer
    To prepare the dough for making Pet food

  • Double Screw Extruder
    To extrude the dough of Pet food into desired shapes and sizes. The die can be changed to one with a fine hole to produce fish feed.

  • Five Layer Drying Machine
    To dry and reduce the moisture content of the pet food

  • Packing Machine
    To pack the Pet food into suitable packets

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