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pet feed production line
pet feed production line

  • pet food production line Exceptional nutrition and digestibility:
    • Accurate and independently variable control of production parameters assures complete cooking and optimum starch gelatinization
    • Protein-enriched feeds with very high oil content may be processed
    • Specialized barrel designs allow degassing or the addition of heat sensitive nutrients at final processing
  • Complete flexibility:
    • Process a wide range of cat dog food without changes in screw configuration
    • Product size range according to the products mould 
    • Ingredient flexibility to process virtually any vegetable proteins, cereal grain and granulation which is a key factor in feed cost optimization
  • Consistently high quality:
    • Extruders easily adjust to varying production conditions, allowing the production of high quality feed from various grades of raw ingredients
    • Perfect control of the temperature profile, with advanced internal cooling system
    • Advanced control systems assure accurate process control for uniform product
  • This line contains the following machine: mixer, screw conveyor, conditioner, twin screw extruder, air conveyor, multilayer oven, hoister, oil sprayer, flavor roller

• Pet food processing line

• Used to produce food for dog, cat, fish, bird, and more

• The final food is in novel shape, good taste,colorful, scientific nutrition

• The various shape and taste must meet different requirement of pet food

• Easy operation, accurate parameter control

• The food can be made in the stipulated temperature, pressure, humidity, and time

• The line is consist of mixer, double-screw extruder, air conveyor, dryer, and coating machine

• Specifications:

o Installed power: 35/75/100kW

o Power consumption: 24/75/80kW

o Output: 180 to 220/300 to 500kg/h


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